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10 years ago, our founder Len Travers had the vision to start a summer camp in Baltimore.10 years later, KidsRock has become immeasurably more than imagined. Our mission of delivering memorable experiences that empower children to learn, grow and discover their passions guides and challenge us to dive deeper and raise the bar in delivering an enriching summer camp experience. As KidsRock prepares to celebrate its 10th summer in 2019 we’re super excited and humbled to have the opportunity to care for over 300 children this summer!

Much has changed over the years, but the essence of the camp experience remains the same. Making friends, practicing new skills, gaining confidence, discovering new adventures and feeling your “true self” while at KidsRock – all of these things transcend the decade.

Thank you for being a part of our story and we look forward to delivering a memorable summer camp experience.