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  • **PLEASE LABEL every single item your child/children brings to camp. Campers often have similar or the same items.
  • Backpack
  • Lunch Box (*soft fabric material recommended)
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Swim attire (one piece and or swim shorts recommended for girls)
  • Goggles
  • Water shoes
  • Close toe shoes


Your child will receive one KidsRock UV protective, “rash guard” style water resistance camp shirt on their first Trip Day at camp. These shirts provide heightened visibility on trips as well as a higher level of sun protection for your child.

Please note:  We require all campers to wear their camp shirts on all trip days. Any campers that arrive to camp without their camp shirt, will be automatically billed $23 for an additional camp shirt.

TIP: Our veteran families in the past have purchased an additional camp shirts to save on washing and campers forgetting to bring their camp shirt


Campers are required to bring a bag lunch daily. Lunches will be stored in coolers upon arrival to camp.


To ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our campers, we are a PEANUT FREE CAMP, in addition parents are advise to instruct their children not to share any parts of their lunch.


Campers enrolled in extended day receive snack daily Monday – Friday. Morning Snack is served at 8:30am and Afternoon Snack is served between 3:15pm – 4:45pm. Campers may bring their own personal snacks in from home.


We do not allow electronic items, including cell phones, iPods, DVD players, Apple Watches, wi-fi devices, e-readers, iPads, etc. These items will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian at pick up.  Please ensure that your child/children do not bring electronics to camp.


Please do not bring any valuables to camp! KidsRock is NOT responsible for any lost/stolen things.



Welcome Booth: This is your first and last stop at camp each day. This is where you sign your child in/out, collect information relevant to the week and connect with staff. The Welcome Booth is marked by a blue KidsRock branded tent located outside the entrance of camp.


Each day you (parents) and/ or authorized adults sign your child in and out with a Pick Up PIN Number. Pick up PIN numbers are our way of how we verify whether someone is authorized to pick up and drop off your child. To create a personal PIN number please log into your KidsRock account and create a 4 digit pin for all parents and adults authorized to pick up your child(ren) from camp. Please Note: Pick up PIN # should be the last 4 digit of the adult mobile/cell number. If the last 4 digits of the adults mobile number is unavailable please use their entire mobile number for their PIN number.


Every morning both campers and parents will have routines that will help acclimate you to KidsRock and keep your family informed and excited about each day at KidsRock

Camper Morning Routines

Arrive & Greetings (Campers will find out what color group they’re in on their first day. on trip days campers will receive safety camp wristband and new camp shirt if this is their first week or day of the summer when they arrive to camp)

Say Your Goodbyes  (high fives and or hugs to your mom, dad or guardian)

Drop off Lunch Box (campers will drop off their lunch box in their color group cooler)

Drop of Backpack (campers will drop off their backpack in their color group assigned area)

Join your Camp Group (campers will join their camp group)


Parents Morning Routines

Arrive & Greetings (Parents/Guardians will walk with their child/children to the welcome booth to sign their child/children in and out each day.  Parents have an opportunity to touch base with a camp director, ask questions, request camp calendars and or camp tour)

Say Your Goodbyes ( Give your little one’s a high five, hug or goodbyes)


Having a discussion about camp is really helpful way to prepare your child/children for camp. Some discussion topics that are really helpful to your child/children experiences include:

Camp Calendar Great opportunity to inform and excite your child about all of the fun trips and summer experiences at camp.

Conflict Resolution Talking with your child about our guidelines explaining conflict resolution helps create a safe environment. We expect all campers to use their kind words, separate themselves or communicate to a camp counselor, if they’re having a conflict with another camper. At no point is it ok or tolerated for any child to use physical force or the use of negative language as a form of conflict resolution.

Listening at Camp  Talking with your child about the importance of listening the first time is crucial to keeping your child safe at camp.

Camp Routines  Going over camp routines is a great way to frame your child’s mindset for their responsibilities and daily routines at camp.

Belongings Going over what to do with their lunch, clothes etc. after use, will help campers not misplace their belongings.

Trying New Things Encouraging your child to try new things will help them discover something super amazing or develop deeper understanding about the world.

Making New Friends 

We know that camp is best experienced with friends. So encouraging your child to make new friends, treating fellow campers with kindness and building stronger relationships with their current friends, will go a long way to giving your child the best summer camp experience.


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