Cancellation & Refunds

Cancel anytime and receive a full refund for any days/weeks not attended. 

Day Rate of Days Attended

*$75/day non-trip days

*$85/day *trip days


Third-Party Registration
No refunds are available for Third-Party Registration.

To request a refund please call, chat or email to cancel.

Camp Deposit & Payment Details

All registrations received before May 1, 2020 Requires a camp deposit of $328/child.

Your remaining balance is processed automatically on the tuition due dates below.

Registration received after May 1st
All registrations received after May 1, 2020, requires a camp deposit of $328/child.

Once registration has been processed the remaining balance will be processed in full or on the tuition due dates outlined below

When Tuition Is Due 

calendar - Payments & Cancellations

WK 1, 2, 3
Due: May 1, 2020

Week 1
June 8th – 12th

Week 2
June 15th – 19th

Week 3
June 22nd – 26th

calendar - Payments & Cancellations

WK 4, 5, 6
Due: May 15, 2020

Week 4
June 29th – July 1st
*4th of July Holiday

Week 5
July 6th – 10th

Week 6
July 13th – 17th

calendar - Payments & Cancellations

WK 7, 8, 9
Due: May 29, 2020

Week 7
July 20th – 24th

Week 8
July 27th – July 31st

Week 9
August 3rd – 7th

calendar - Payments & Cancellations

WK 10, 11
Due: June 12, 2020

Week 10
August 10th – 14th

Week 11
August 17th – 21st

Add on additional weeks
or sessions registration

You may add additional weeks or sessions at any time before the Thursday the week before the desired week.

*subject to availability.

*spaces fill quickly

To add additional weeks
Please login to your KidsRock Account or Chat or email