registration - What to Bring to Camp

What to bring to camp

1. Reusable water bottle– Labeled*

2. Comfortable clothing and shoes (preferably tennis shoes)– Labeled*

3. Towel, bathing suit and sunscreen– Labeled* Pro Tip: Sunscreen Stick for Face and Body is an easy option sunscreen option for younger campers. 

4. Lunch/Lunch Box- Labeled*

5. Backpack- Labeled*

6. Medication- Labeled*

Of course, if applicable. Be sure to send your child to camp with a completed medication form, and medication in the original package in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name on it.

7. What NOT to bring to camp/Prohibited Items:

Cell phones, electronics, ipads, gaming consoles, expensive clothing, jewelry, and anything of value. *KidsRock is not responsible for loss, stolen or misplaced items.